Q. What is the Test Voucher? How to use it?

Test Voucher is a discounted, pre-paid permit to write the exam. Usually, you would pay at the test center or pay to the vendor for your certification exam. But to take advantage of our voucher program, you can purchase the discounted CompTIA, Cisco, Microsoft, MOS, MTA, Certiport IC3, Adobe ACA, Autodesk ACU exam vouchers from us and save money immediately on your certification exams.

Through our Vouchers-In-Minutes program, you will get the voucher number just within few minutes after placing an order. The voucher number is all you need to register for your exam. You may Register for Your Exam with Voucher Number by phone, or through the vendor's web site.

Q. What is the "Vouchers-In-Minutes" program and how does it run?

Vouchers-In-Minutes program is the best and fastest exam voucher program that allows you to purchase and get your vouchers just within a few minutes. See Three Steps for Vouchers-In-Minutes Program below for details. We have been making every effort to provide our customers with the best services and instant supports. That is why our customers are always satisfied with our services.

Three Steps for Vouchers-In-Minutes Program

  • Order an Exam Voucher from us under PayPal's protection and immediately save money on your certification.
  • Check out your email immediately after you place an order:
    1. An email with the "Voucher Link" will be sent to you if you order the exam voucher from us. Simply click on the link, you will enter our "Vouchers-In-Minutes" web page and get the voucher number in minutes.
    2. The "Reference Guide Download Link" can also be found in the above email if your order of voucher is bundled with the free reference guide (all CompTIA exam vouchers are bundled with the free reference guide without any extra charge). Simply click on the download link, then you are able to enter our download page and download the reference guide immediately.
    The voucher number is all you need to register for your exam. As soon as you get the voucher number, you can Register for Your Exam with Voucher Number.
  • You have saved money and registered for your exam. Go get your certification on the test day. We wish you every success in your certification.

Q. What is the Important Notes for Vouchers and Other Products?

The most Important Notes for Vouchers and Other Products are as follows:

  • Test vouchers, study guides, online courses, and practice exams are all non-refundable.
  • North America vouchers are valid in US, Canada and Puerto Rico. International vouchers are valid in the specified country only. One voucher is good for one exam only.
  • Each voucher may be applied towards a specified exam at a specified vendor's testing center. The voucher is NOT interchangeable between different exam titles or different vendors. For example, the VUE A+ voucher can only be redeemed at the VUE testing center for the A+ exam, and so forth.
  • You must register and take the exam on or before the voucher expiry date. The voucher expiry date cannot be extended.
Please be sure you have read Important Notes for Vouchers and Other Products before purchase.

Q. Why do you use PayPal's payment system?

We understand that credit card on-line transactions always concern the customers. That is why we choose PayPal as our credit card processing company, which secures all transactions with extremely high level of SSL encryption to provide a safe and efficient Internet purchasing.

Before you pay by credit card to purchase the products through Internet, you have the privilege to know:

  • eBay's acquisition of PayPal was completed on October 3, 2002. PayPal and eBay are working together to provide the customers with the best services and protections.
  • All the transactions of your credit card payment are secured and protected by PayPal. The merchants, like us, even won't be able to obtain your credit card number from them. It is always safer to have your credit card payment go through the reputable third parties rather than those web sites that you have never heard before.

Q. How can I trust you and how to be sure the vouchers are valid?

We do understand your concerns and that is why we use PayPal's payment system to have you under PayPal's protections. As for us, we are a CompTIA authorized partner, a PayPal Verified Business Member, an authorized Certiport Center. We guarantee all of our test vouchers are valid.

Please call the vendor's toll-free number or visit the vendor's web site to validate the voucher number and register for your exam after receiving the voucher number from us (see How to Register and Schedule the Exam for more details). You are allowed to reschedule your exam before the voucher expiry date as long as you follow the vendor's regulations. If the voucher number is not valid, you can ask us or even contact PayPal right away to have your money back since you are under our guarantee and PayPal's protection.

Q. Can I purchase test voucher for others?

Yes. Also, for your convenience, you are allowed to specify the registered name for the test voucher while logging into our "Vouchers-In-Minutes" web page to get your order of test voucher on-line.

Q. Are your test vouchers good for onsite or online proctored testing? Can your vouchers be used outside of North America?

Yes. But there are some rules applied as follows:

  • CompTIA, Microsoft, AWS, PMP, CCSK, VMware, Fortinet, and Cisco test vouchers are valid for Pearson VUE onsite or online proctored testing.
  • Google Cloud test vouchers are valid for Kryterion onsite or online proctored testing.
  • ITIL 4 Foundation test vouchers are valid for PeopleCert online proctored testing.
  • IC3, MOS, MTA, Adobe, Autodesk test vouchers are valid at authorized Certiport testing centers.
  • North America Vouchers are valid in US and Canada Only.
  • International Vouchers are valid in the country you specify when you order the vocuhers.

Q. How to register and schedule the exam with test voucher?

The Voucher Number or so-called Voucher Code is all you need to register for your exam. You don't have to pay any extra fee. You may register for your exam by phone, or online through the vendor's web site. You can choose to take your exam Onsite or Online Proctored.

By Phone:  Call the vendor's toll free number to register for your exam and inform the representative of the voucher number instead of your credit card number for payment.

Online:  Follow the vendor's instructions and enter the voucher number on the payment page, so you don't have to pay any extra fee.

Pearson VUE

Pearson VUE LogoPlease do not call VUE's local testing centers as they might not know how to handle the vouchers. Instead, you may click the links below to obtain the VUE's toll free number in your country and call them to register for your exam:

Alternatively, you may redeem your voucher and register for your exam online through VUE's website at:

For the online registration, you have to create a web account. You will have to wait for one day to receive your new account from VUE. Then, you can log into VUE's web site, choose a testing center near you, redeem the voucher, and schedule for your exam.

VUE's online system does not allow the candidate to schedule two exams at the same time. When you have completed the first exam registration, please log out. Then, you may log in again to register for the second exam.

Note: The easiest way to register Microsoft exams is to visit http://www.microsoft.com/learning, sign in, find the exam you want to take, and click the "Schedule with Pearson VUE" button. Pearson VUE's registration is integrated with the Microsoft system so no additional logins are needed. Appointments may be made in advance or on the day you wish to test, subject to availability. Pearson VUE also offers scheduling by phone and directly through the test center, but you must create a profile on http://www.microsoft.com/learning before you can use these additional scheduling options. Creating a profile is a one-time requirement.


PeopleCert Logo To regsiter for your ITIL 4 Foundation online proctoring exam with PeopleCert, please go to: https://www.peoplecert.org/login. You will use the voucher number as your Exam Code when registering your exam and you don't have to pay any extra fee. You can take your exam online from the comfort of the location of your choice, according to exam requirements.


Kryterion Logo You may regsiter for your Google Cloud onsite or online proctored testing with Kryterion at: https://webassessor.com/googlecloud. If you don't have a Google Cloud Webassessor account yet, you can sign up there. You will use the voucher number as your Voucher Code when registering your exam.


Certiport Logo You may use your MOS, MTA, Adobe ACA, Autodesk ACU, or IC3 exam vocuher to book your exam at an authorized Certiport center. Please see Register an Exam at Certiport Center with the Voucher for detailed information about Certiport registration.