Register an Exam at Certiport Center with the Voucher

Prior to purchasing your exam vouchers, we recommend that you locate a Certiport Authorized Testing Center (CATC) in your area.

  • Locate a Certiport Authorized Testing Center.
  • Once you have located a CATC, please contact them directly to determine:
    1. if your exam is available at that location.
    2. if there are any proctoring or other applicable fees.
  • A date and time to take your exam.

Register for an Account

Once you've determined which certification is right for you, you're ready to create an account with Certiport. Start Here to begin the process.

Assign Voucher to Your Account

Once you have a voucher, you may assign it to yourself. Doing so secures the voucher from being redeemed fraudulently. Login to your Test Candidate Account, enter your voucher number in the Voucher code field and click on Assign Voucher to Me. Once the voucher is assigned, you will be the only person who can use it. Inform the Proctor at the Testing Center you have assigned the voucher to yourself.

Redeem the Voucher

To redeem your voucher you must visit a Certiport Authorized Testing Center and provide the number to a Certiport Administrator. Exams must be taken prior to the expiration date. See specific instructions below.

  • Take the exam at your selected testing center:
    1. Tell the representative you wish to redeem this voucher # for an exam.
    2. Schedule a time and date to take this exam.
    3. A proctoring fee maybe required; this will be determined by the Testing Center.
  • At the time of testing, have the Center launch the appropriate exam engine.
    1. If you have taken a Certiport exam before, enter your Candidate Login information.
    2. If you have not taken an exam before, start Here to register.
  • The testing center Administrator will either ask one of the following:
    1. Did you assign the voucher to you?
    2. Did you bring the voucher with you?
  • The testing center Administrator will select the appropriate exams from the drop down box menu, please confirm.
  • The testing center Administrator will enter their username and password.
  • Upon exam completion, voucher is void.